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The Financial Samurai Podcast

Welcome to The Financial Samurai Podcast!

In 2H2017, I decided to start publishing audio versions of my posts for those of you who would rather listen than read. The audio versions contain little bits of nuances that you won’t find in the articles. They are also a way for me to build a library of thoughts for my children just in case I pass away before they become adults.

I hope these Financial Samurai podcasts make your commute or your exercise routine a little less painful.

Happy listening!



Oct 3, 2022

Here's a deep dive into how I'm investing my cash stash in this bear market to make money, stay liquid, and take advantage of the current situation. 

Post mentioned: How I'm Investing $250,000 In Today's Bear Market.This became a viral post that got picked up by Flipboard and Google. 

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Disclaimer: This episode is not investing advice for you since we have different financial situations and you are not my client. I have no clients. This is my own thought process on how I'm deploying my cash. Please do your own due diligence before making any investment. Your decisions are yours alone.