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The Financial Samurai Podcast

Welcome to The Financial Samurai Podcast!

In 2H2017, I decided to start publishing audio versions of my posts for those of you who would rather listen than read. The audio versions contain little bits of nuances that you won’t find in the articles. They are also a way for me to build a library of thoughts for my children just in case I pass away before they become adults.

I hope these Financial Samurai podcasts make your commute or your exercise routine a little less painful.

Happy listening!



Feb 1, 2024

I talk to Emily Luk, Co-Founder and CEO of Plenty, a wealth platform for today's modern couples.

Due to career aspirations, higher education, and the rising cost of living, couples are taking longer to get married and have children. In addition, couples are also building more wealth on their own before getting married. 

Plenty is based in San Francisco, California and will launch its platform by April 1, 2024. You can get on the waitlist or join now, depending on when you listen to this episode. 

You can also subscribe to the Plenty newsletter and read the Plenty blog if you care about couples issues such as getting married, buying a house, starting a family, saving for college and more. 

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